Planned Lifetime Assistance of New Jersey (PLAN/NJ) helps parents and family members of individuals with disabilities answer the question,”Who will care for my loved one when I am gone?” Often, the hardest part about planning for the future is getting started. To help, PLAN/NJ has developed tools and fact sheets that can raise important questions, inspire ideas, and help families gain control over the planning process. Ask yourself about the support your child or loved one will benefit from when you are no longer able to determine their needs. Spend some time reviewing these planning tools, then contact PLAN/NJ at 908-575- 8300 to begin developing the LifePLAN you and your loved one need.

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Planned Lifetime Assistance of New Jersey (PLAN/NJ) is a statewide not-for- profit agency established in 1988 under the “New Jersey Community Trust for Persons with Severe Chronic Disabilities Act,” NJ 3B 11-19.

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