Ted Goyins

Theodore R. Goyins, Jr.


Ted grew up in a family with four children, one of whom lived to adulthood with significant developmental disabilities. Ted observed firsthand how his parents dedicated themselves to his sister’s needs throughout her life. It was not lost on him or his siblings, that they would become caretakers for their sister as their parents got older, and that they would be sorely in need of the type of specialized life planning assistance that PLAN/NJ provides. Ted’s sister passed away before that planning was necessary.

Later, when a personal friend was struggling with the challenges of independent living as a legally blind amputee, Ted contacted PLAN/NJ. The staff walked Ted through the complex systems and supports available to make his friends life a bit easier and more stable in the long term.

Ted’s upbringing prepared him well for community service; his father was a church pastor and active in political and community life, organizing and leading what was once the largest mission-driven “free” food store in New Jersey. Ted and his sister participate on the board of a private foundation that supplies scholarships for promising young people who attend college to purchase textbooks.

Community service is an area Ted is moving further into now that he has retired from a career in banking. For over 30 years, Ted worked as a Senior Vice-President of Wells Fargo Dealer Financial Services, directing the sales and service activities of the Northeast Commercial Team to provide commercial financing and other banking services to automotive dealers. He concentrated in English and Biology as he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey – New Brunswick. Later his religious faith led him to study at the Lutheran Theological Seminary of Philadelphia.